Top 10 Best Membership Site Ideas for 2023 and 2024

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The best membership site projects are a great investment for those who want to tap into their passions and knowledge to create an additional stream of revenue.

It makes sense. Now, more than ever, people are looking for smaller communities to cultivate their hobbies, learn new things, and connect with like-minded individuals. Globally, online communities are growing at a 13.9% CAGR — meaning there is an increased need for membership sites that offer users the chance to build a community and grow their online presence.

Now is the best time to make a move and build a membership site — and if you’re searching for the best membership site ideas, you’re in the right place. Read on to find your inspiration (and start your journey to an online community).

Top 10 Best Membership Site Ideas for 2023 and 2024

One of the best parts about membership sites is that you can accommodate almost any interest, industry, or hobby to an audience. Whatever you can think of, it can likely be shaped as an online community. For example, here are some of the best membership site ideas to inspire you.

Language Learning Hub

Passionate about learning foreign languages? According to Duolingo, 30 million people attempted to learn a new language in 2020 (and that’s just counting the ones who downloaded, installed, and used the app.)

While apps like Duolingo can be useful in learning a new language, a platform offering interactive lessons, practice exercises, and language exchange opportunities can fill the gap. Remember, we are social beings, and as such, we like learning with other people — especially when it comes to something as closely related to communication as foreign languages are.

Urban Gardening Collective

Gardening is the hottest new hobby to have! Statistically, the pandemic created 18.3 million new gardeners in the United States — and most of those who have picked up on this interest have maintained it as well. You know what they say, once you have a green thumb…you can never go back to not gardening.

Creating an urban gardening community is a great way to provide fellow green-thumbers with resources to take their gardening game to the next level. From experienced gardeners to newbies needing guidance, a collective like this can be the perfect place to start (or just a place to hang out online, where you can share tips, tricks, and green jokes.)

Virtual Wine-Tasting Club

Wine aficionados are among the most passionate people in the world. There is a certain majesty and beauty to wine, no matter your preferences — plus, it’s a great way to connect with other people who share your passion.

Creating an exclusive virtual wine-tasting club can be a great way to develop an enjoyable membership site experience. You can organize regular events (online, of course), sell wine subscriptions, and share wine-related advice to members. Plus, as a bonus to your customers — they’ll never have to worry about getting too tipsy and driving home afterward!

Digital Nomad Network

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted people are packing their bags to travel again. And if you’re among those who prefer long-term, sustainable travel, one of the best membership site ideas you could think of revolves precisely around this.

For example, you could create a community for digital nomads to connect, share remote work experiences, find co-working spaces, and explore travel opportunities together.


Indie Game Developer Hub

It has never been easier — or more exciting (!) — to create your very own video game. And if you’re passionate about this, you could build an online space where indie game developers collaborate, share resources, and receive feedback on their projects.

This could be a safe space for everyone to share their experiments, success stories, and challenges. Plus, you could add additional value to your membership with interviews, forums for discussion, and even virtual events — like game building contests or showcases.

Mindful Parenting Community

Parenting is hard. According to Pew Research Center, 36% of parents say parenting has been somewhat harder than what they expected and 26% say it was a lot harder.

In trying times, parents may feel they’re alone in their struggles — and that’s where a mindful parenting tribe can come to the rescue! As part of the membership, you could offer tips on how to be more present, resources for children’s development, meditations for parents, and even opportunities for virtual meetups.


Financial Fitness Academy

Did you know that only 30% of all American households have a long-term financial plan?

Clearly, there’s room for improvement. And this is why a financial fitness “academy” is one of the best membership site ideas you could consider. If you’re good with finances (or even better, if you have your own success story in getting a hold of your finances), running this kind of online community could be a real success.

Healthy Cooking Subscription

93% of Americans want to eat healthier (according to some sources.) But only 10% actually do eat healthy all the time.

If you know how to cook healthy, delicious foods, you could easily turn this into an extra source of revenue. For instance, you could create a membership site that provides subscribers with weekly healthy recipes, meal plans, and cooking tutorials to support their wellness journey.

For extra help, you could even create shopping lists or deliver the necessary grocery for people to make their own meals for the week and stay on track with their healthier diets.


Sustainable Living Community

Living sustainably is a lot more difficult than it sounds: You need to:

  • Change what you eat and buy
  • Learn how to reuse items
  • Find sustainable alternatives for household objects

Creating an online community where people can get together to talk about sustainability, share tips, discuss the latest news, and learn from each other is one of the best membership site ideas. Plus, it’s a fun way to connect with likeminded people, share your stories, and inspire each other.

Art Therapy Club

Multiple studies attest that art therapy can help as a complementary approach for individuals suffering from depression and other mental disorders.

If you have experience in art therapy, then consider running a membership site that offers online sessions where people can try to heal mindfully through creative activities. You could also offer resources like podcasts, reading material on related topics, and even virtual events.

Art is a powerful medium used for self-expression, and it’s important for people to find a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings without judgement. An art therapy oasis is the perfect place for that!


Instead of a Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Membership Site Idea for You

No matter how trendy a topic may be or how great the revenue promise may be, keep in mind that your success as a membership site owner will depend largely on how aligned the idea is with your skills, interests, and goals.

The best membership site ideas are those that inspire you to create content regularly, interact with members frequently, and keep up with the industry’s trends. So make sure to pick a topic that excites you — and don’t forget to have fun in the process. You want to create a side gig (or full-time opportunity!) that helps you escape the nine-to-five and live in a world that’s ruled by your own terms — not to replace your regular job with another tedious one.

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