Top 6 Benefits For Using Drip Content In Your Membership

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Drip Content

When it comes to your membership content, you have a couple of options. You can release the content immediately or you can release it on a drip feeding schedule. Drip feeding your content can increase the engagement in your membership. Drip content has a few other benefits for both you and your members. 

But what exactly is drip content and how does it work? And how does it help you with your membership? Those are the questions we’ll answer in this post. 

What is Content Drip Feeding? 

First things first: let’s answer what content drip feeding or drip content is. Essentially, drip content is content that gets released to your members on a timely schedule. That way, your members have ample time to go through each module, lesson or masterclass instead of feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content available. 

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This also means that the pace they go through your content is slowed down and they can only access bite-sized pieces at a time. 

How Does Content Drip Feeding Work?

So drip content is content released on a schedule. But how does that schedule work? The answer is simple. The schedule is completely up to you but it does depend on the date they originally joined the membership. 

You could set the schedule to drip feed the content every week, every two weeks, every 30 days or every month on a specific date. 

For example, let’s say that you set your drip content to be released every 15 days. In that case, anyone who joins your membership will get access to that content 15 days after they join, regardless of when they actually joined. 

In other words, if John signs up in September and Sarah joins in November, they’ll get the same content on day 15 of their membership. 

Six Benefits Of Content Drip Feeding

Now that we’ve covered what drip content is and how it works, let’s talk about the benefits of using it in your membership. 

1. Boosts Membership Engagement

Drip content is one of the best ways to boost engagement in your membership. Since the content is released on a regular schedule, your members have something new to look forward to. It gives them a reason to keep coming back to the membership site, log in, and engage with other members in the community. 

Another reason why drip content can boost membership engagement is because they have time to reflect on the content and implement it. Pair that with action steps that they have to complete and it’s easy to see how your members might be more motivated to complete the content instead of getting overwhelmed and never logging back in. 

2. Reduces The Changes Of Content Theft

Unfortunately, when it comes to memberships, courses, and other digital products, content theft is a fact of life. If all your content is readily available upon joining, it’s not uncommon for some users to join, download all of that content, and then promptly cancel the membership. They could then, unlawfully, distribute your content on other platforms.

In some cases, they might even ask for a refund which means you could be losing money, on top of having your content stolen.

But when you release the content on a drip feeding schedule, there’s less incentive for those users to steal your content. It wouldn’t be worth their while to only steal partial information so drip content acts as a good deterrent against dishonest internet users.

3. Helps You Improve Your Content

Drip content can help you improve your content. When all your content is available immediately, you don’t know whether your members will love it or find it boring. And since some of them might not even complete the content due to overwhelm, you won’t be able to get specific feedback. 

Contrast that to when you release content gradually. You can see how your members are engaging with the content, where they’re getting stuck, what questions they have, and what other issues are arising. This means you can tailor future content to address those concerns and create content that your audience wants. 

In other words, when you release content gradually, your members are helping you shape the content and you end up giving them exactly what they need. 

4. You Can Launch Your Membership Faster

One of the biggest hurdles of launching a membership is having all your content ready to go. While this eliminates some of the stress of constant content creation, it also means you keep pushing back the launch date. 

With drip content, you don’t have to worry about that. You can launch your membership with the content you currently have and release the rest on a drip feed schedule. This also means you’re able to start generating revenue faster. 

5. Lowers Your Membership Churn Rate

A common pitfall of many memberships is the lack of new content. As a result, many members decide to cancel their membership as they see no benefit in continuing. 

Drip content, on the other hand, allows you to keep your site fresh and engage your members with new content regularly. As such, the incentive for them remaining active members is quite high. This can help reduce your membership churn rate and minimize the number of refunds.

6. Gives You Opportunity For Continued Cross-Promotion

Lastly, since your members keep coming back to your site to log into the membership hub, this gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your other products top of mind. The same applies for your services. 

Your members can check them whenever they log into the membership portal which can lead to additional purchases, especially if they’re satisfied community members. They already trust you and know you can deliver great content and results so it makes sense for them to continually invest in your brand. 

As a result, drip content can lead to an increase in your earning potential. The best part is that you don’t have to do a lot of heavy sales pushes or rely on launches to close the sale. 

How to Set Up Drip Content On Your Website?

If you’re wondering how to set up drip content on your website, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not hard to do. All you need is a good membership plugin like Ultimate Membership Pro

Top 6 Benefits For Using Drip Content In Your Membership WordPress Membership Plugin | Membership Software | Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro has all the features you need to create a powerful membership site. From integration with multiple payment providers and multiple membership levels to the ability to drip content, full content restriction, and so much more. 

In addition to that, Ultimate Membership Pro supports member profiles, has a beautiful front-end, and powerful admin functionality that makes managing a membership or a subscription based website easy. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, drip content can help you boost engagement, reduce your churn rate, and reduce the chances of your content being stolen. It also helps you improve your content and allows you to launch your membership faster rather than waiting for all your material to be done.