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{I have used many different membership plugins in the past. Ultimate Membership Pro turns out to be the best wordpress membership plugin and the most customizable one that has thought of everything a membership site might need! It is SO easy to use, and the Extension tab allows for extra functionalities for free! Works straight out of the box and very easy to understand. It is the first time I'm impressed with a membership plugin, and I have purchased other WordPress membership plugins that were much more expensive before, but did not do half the job Ultimate Membership Pro does. Great work and thanks so much!
{Great customer support! When there was issues with my setup website, they fixed it 100% by advising me on some settings that conflicted. The membership plugin works as expected in the seller description and has some great extensions to it, making a newsletter website for a client working great. The WooCommerce support makes the plugin able to have all kinds of payment gateways that is not supported by the plugin itself. This works well and I look forward for it to be even tighter integrated to each other in the future!
{I did a lot of research before buying this membership plugin and read through all of the feedback as well, some of which was quite critical. This has not been my experience at all and I had 3 responses to my ticket within 24 hours which fully answered multiple questions. Although there are some holes in the documentation, for most users the UI is well enough designed to work your way around pretty easily. All that aside, the feature set really broad, extremely flexible and very well put together.
{After days of frustration searching for a subscription / wordpress membership plugin that I can afford, I'm so so happy that I finally found this one which combines memberships with subscriptions, that has various options for customization and a lot of very useful extensions as well - and all of this for a very fair and affordable price! Thanks so much azzaroco for your work! Please keep it up that way! You really made my day today! 🙂
{The membership plugin is exactly as advertised and a little more. One of my best investments yet not only because of its functions but also because of the prompt support received. Many thanks to the developers behind it, great job!
{This is the best wordpress membership plugin I have come across. Every time I'm wondering how to accomplish something, I discover the plugin makers already thought of it! Thank you, Indeed!
{Ultimate Membership Pro is an excellent WordPress membership plugin. I've used it on several client websites and it always does the trick. It's extremely customizable and easy to understand. New features and improvements are constantly being added. The support team is also responsive when you need help. 100% would recommend.
{Christian at WPIndeed Team was really helpful in sorting out issue with an error generated by a class booking system I also run. He was patient and professional and ultimately solved my problem. The membership plugin is worth every penny!
{As a non-techie, this plugin is relatively easy to use and setup. Although my use case is quite simple (free membership with a membership card), I can see how I can extend to the many features. I ran into an issue with my mail server and customer support was very supportive and patient to ultimately resolve. Thanks!
{1. The UMP plugin ist super easy to use. It just works! Tons of free addons and if you have this "payment on hold issue", it's not the UMP's fault. Check your hosting. Trust me 😉
2. Thanks to Christian (Support) for all the help. You rock!
{Really amazing membership plugin!!! So extremely flexible and full of all solutions we need. Additionally very good and fast support. Grade 10. Very good job!!! Thank you!!!
{Plugin does more than it seems. Don´t be confused during the first contact with it. Take your time to understand the plugin and you will be thankful for it! Support does reply very fast and solved all the problems- at least we just have one or two issues just because of individual questions.
{Great and very powerful plugin. Easy to configure. Fast customer support. Absolutely recommended!
{I had a problem with a Stripe integration and the customer support replied quickly and efficiently. In a few minutes the problem had been fixed! 😀
{As a user of this plugin for years, I can certainly state that the plugin works better than advertised. There's a learning curve indeed, but the customer support is second to none. If you're looking for a reliable and flexible membership system, this is all you need; it is truly the ULTIMATE solution.
{Using UMP has been a good experience for me so far. While installing it I've received timely guidance and help from the support team. I'm still exploring the different features that UMP offers, and I hope it'll meet my purpose for using it in my WooCommerce store. All the best to UMP team.
{A very complete plugin with many features. With the functions that are included, you can make very complete membership developments at an affordable price. Levels, payment gateways, coupons, email personalization, protected content, and much more. If you want additional functions they have a wide variety of extensions for every need. I have tried it on various projects and everything has been very easy.
{This is my second time to buy this plug-in for another website of my company. Based on prior experience, I am very satisfied with this plug-in and thus decide to buy it again. This is why I continue recommending this plug-in.
{excellent in all aspects, the wodtware to buy when you have life upgrades for free, the learning curve is somehow difficult, specially to haters and nay-sayers, the documentation and the internal help is self explanatory, if you are not a moron, this is a piece of software you will appreciate and recognize as good stuff.
{Support is great, friendly and prompt. The plugin itself works well and has a wide range of features that helps us customize as much as possible. Would love more control over the template designs, or have more template options. But existing templates are great too.

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