from Front-end Member’s section and Admin Dashboard  

Members Interface

Login Form

13 Predefined Templates are available and additional options for ReCaptcha and Social Login

Register Form

14 Predefined Templates and unlimited custom fields with various types, from text input to multi-chose dropdown and Date Picker

Subscription Plan Page

9 Predefined Templates are available providing custom information about available Subscriptions

Checkout Page

Full details and all options available for Subscription purchase 

My Account – Dashboard

Predefined Templates for Top Header section and Tabs Menu with full customizable content over Header and every Tab

My Account – Subscriptions

Customizable Subscription Table with On/Off button for every column and available buttons, such Cancel, Pause, Resume, Renew, Finish Payment, etc

My Account – Orders

Fully customizable Orders table with optional Columns and Invoice attached

My Account – Membership Cards

Printable Membership Cards with 3 predefined Templates and various sizes

Administrator Dashboard

Members Table

All details and options in one place for faster members management

Editing Members Details

User Profile details, memberships, WordPress Roles and many other options

Members Plan Management

Add, Remove member’s plans or manually change the Status and Start-Expire Time

Filters over Members Table

Multiple Options to filter the existent Members Table based on their Subscriptions, WP Roles or just searching by Name or Email Address

Members Profile Details

Summary details for each Member about his Profile, Memberships, Orders or Received Notifications

Showcases Management

10 different Front-end Showcases can be enabled and managed with dozens of options and predefined Templates for each providing a no-limit customization process

Memberships Table

All information over all available Memberships in one place

Memberships Management

From simply Free Membership to Recurring Subscriptions with Trial Charge

Email Notifications

Over 45 different Notifications available for Members and Administrator also, filtered by Memberships

Payments Table

Summary or detailied information for each generated Orders with available options for Status, Amount or Date changes

Extensions Modules

41 Included Addons and extra dozens of external Addons available in one place with easy management process

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