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Get additional features for Ultimate Membership Pro with these Addons. Yes, those are INCLUDED into Plugin Standard License and NO extra fee is applied.  

Over 40 Awesome AddOns Included 

Setup Membership Cards, Membership Gifts or established discounted prices for WooCommerce Products based on active Memberships. Save over $600 have everything Included as part of the Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin


Add additional tax charges which can be based on the user location by using the Country field

OptIn Integration

Store your subscribers email address in a well known email marketing platform. Up to 10 Email Services are available.

WooCommerce Payment Integration

Link a WooCommerce product with a membership. Once an order with that product is created into Woo, buyer will get the linked Subscription.

Membership Gifts

Allow your customers to buy Memberships as gifts which can be then sent to other members or used by themselves.

Membership Badges

Add a custom badge for each Membership for a better approach

Individual Pages

Each Member will have an individual page accessible only by him and Administrator

Reason for Cancel

Track the reasons why Members wish to cancel/delete their Subscriptions. Predefined Reasons can be generated and will be available on Member Account Page

WooCommerce Product Discount

Provides special WooCommerce product prices for Users that have assigned a specific Subscription/Membership

Membership Dynamic Price

Mimic Donations by letting the client decide how much to pay for Memberships. Administrator may choose the price range for each Membership

Memberships vs Payments

Restrict each Membership to be paid only through a specific payment gateways only.  For example, you can provide the Bank Transfer payment option only for specific memberships

Memberships Plus

Decide which Memberships should be available, based on the Member current assigned Membership

WP MultiSite Subscriptions

 Provides Single Sites based on purchased subscriptions. You can sell Single Sites via memberships. Once a member buys a specific membership he will be able to create his own Single Site

Drip Content Notifications

Alert members when a new post is released by “Drip Content” strategy.

Memberships Card

Members will find their Membership Cards into My Account page, under Membership Cards special tab, and may print them for further usage out of the website.

Cheat Off

Prevent your customers from sharing their login credentials by keeping only one user logged in at a time

Invitation Codes

 Restrict register process to only allow invited persons who have a valid Invitation code. You can generate unlimited unique Invitation Codes and share them further.

Import Users&Memberships

Allows to import new Members, update current Members main data or to assign/change Members Memberships and update their start and expire time

Login Redirects+

Replace the default redirect after login with a custom one based on the member assigned membership. If someone has more than one assigned Membership you can choose the priorities.

WP Social Login Integration

Integration with WP Social Login free Plugin for a simple register/login with Social Accounts

List Access Posts

Display all the posts that a member can see based on his subscriptions

Order Invoices

Provides printable invoices for each order in the account page or system dashboard

Custom Currencies

Add new currencies (with custom symbols) alongside the predefined list

Security Login

Fight against brute-force attacks by blocking login for the IP after it reaches the maximum allowed retries

WordPress Workflow Restrictions

You can restrict how many posts can be viewed, released and how many comments can be submitted for each Membership

Subscription Delay

Each Membership will become active after a custom delay time instead of when it was assigned. This option is available only when the Membership is assigned for the first time

Members Reports

Follow the most important actions and activities done by members, such Membership Assignation, Orders Placed, Coupon Used 

PushOver Notifications

 Members may receives notifications ontheir Mobile Devices via Pushover App

Weekly Summary Email

Administrator may receives a report about number of Orders, Total Revenue and number of new Subscriptions. This report will be made over a period of 7 days and will be sent every Monday

MyCred Points

Reward with MyCred points when a Membership is purchased. Just set Hooks for your MyCred points providing specific rewards for each specific purchased membership

Zapier Integration

Connect Ultimate Membership Pro with other apps via Zapier platform. A “Trigger” will send data to Zapier when changes are in action on your website

Redirect Links

Set custom links from inside or outside of your website that can be used for redirects inside the system

Download Monitor Integration

Limit the number of downloads (per file or per user) for each Membership

Register Lite

Let your Members register much faster, by using only their Email Address. A Generated Password for their account will be sent out via Email

Account Custom Tabs

Create and reorder Menu tabs inside My Account Page

API Gate

Manage your membership system and access data from it through an API with access based on URL calls

Register Redirects+

Choose a custom redirect after register based on the member assigned Membership

Infusion Soft

Synchronize your InfusionSoft contacts based on Tags. For each user status or Membership a Tag is associated

Kissmetrics Integration

Track multiple Membership events and Member actions with Kissmetrics service

Direct Login Link

Members can login without standard credentials but with a special temporary link available. Once the link is used or expire will not be usable anymore.

BuddyPress Account Page Integration

Fully integrate a user account with their “BuddyPress Account Page”. Once activated, a new tab in their “BuddyPress” menu will show up

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