One of the most Updated Membership Plugin, over 100 Releases so far   

Version 12.3 – 01.06.2024

- Changed: Files Optimization
- Fixed: Functionality when the Default Payment Gateway is missing
- Fixed: The Required option is removed when the Custom Field is removed from Admin Page

Version 12.2 – 12.20.2023

- Added: Members counted on each Membership with direct link to the members list
- Fixed: Constant {amount} value and format on certain situations
- Changed: The plugin crons registration process during update
- Fixed: Prorating Subscription management for Lifetime and Limited memberships type
- Changed: Bank Trasfer payments during registration process

Version 12.1 – 11.14.2023

- Fixed: WordPress Native Fields Labels translation
- Changed: Memberships Table when needs to show linked WooCommerce Products
- Fixed: Content Rules Access setup without a selected Membership
- Changed: WorkFlow of Register and Profile Forms for custom fields
- Fixed: Taxes showing up inside Payments table
- Changed: Prorating Subscriptions workflow
- Fixed: Search in Dashboard Tables
- Checked: Compatibility with PHP 8.1+
- Checked: Compatibility with WP 6.4.x
- Changed: Stripe Checkout workflow in particular setup scenarios
- Added: Wizard Setup

Version 12.0.1 – 10.06.2023

- Fixed: The shortcode for direct purchase, ihc-purchase-link
- Changed: Compatibility with WPML plugin
- Fixed: License activation on CloudFlare service
- Fixed: Access Rules - restrictions based on Categories didn't work properly on listed posts showcase
- Fixed: Print Invoice option on Payments table from Admin Dashboard
- Fixed: Custom Banner image for Account Page top section
- Fixed: Filtered Payments based on Members ID
- Added: extra special fields data inside Exported CSV file

Version 12.0 – 09.28.2023 – Important Update

- Fixed: Registration process with Free Membership
- Changed: How Values from Custom fields are displayed inside the Members Directory without spaces
- Added: Taxes calculation included or not in Membership Price
- Added: Pretty Links for front-end pages like Account Page tabs, and Checkout page with selected Membership
- Fixed: Dynamic Account value displayed inside the Notifications and Payments tables
- Changed: How Stripe Connect payment gateway is available on the front end without valid keys
- Fixed: Bulk Discount Codes generator with specific Lenght value
- Fixed: Social Connect Design options
- Changed: How Taxes are calculated when Discount Codes are used
- Fixed: Undefined variable inside Affiliates tab
- Fixed: Paystack Payment gateway addon warnings
- Fixed: Restict Entire Website without Login option related to various Homepages 
- Fixed: Various server compatibility related to FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING
- Added: Ultimate Membership Pro Dashboard improvements and better User Experience
- Fixed: Conditional Logic feature for Profile form fields
- Added: Filters inside the Payments Table
- Changed: Allow HTML Customization inside the Bank Transfer Message
- Fixed: Some custom templates are to be further customizable via the Theme folder
- Added: Stripe Connect and Stripe Checkout compatibility with the latest Stripe API version
- Fixed: Show Hidden Pages/Posts Titles in Listing option not applied for Bulk restrictions based on Categories
- Fixed: Adding a Plain Test custom field without a Label
- Changed: How the Workflow Restrictions module works in various scenarios
- Fixed: How DataBase Tables are generated on restrictive hosting servers
- Added: a dedicated editor for Custom CSS options
- Changed: Style on Login and Register forms 
- Fixed: Members Directory pagination workflow when filters are applied

Version 11.9 – 07.18.2023

- Improve Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin
- Improve Reset Password workflow
- Improve Import Users&Memberships module workflow
- Improve Plugin Performance and Speed
- Fix the Predefined subscription option inside the Register form
- Fix Register Redirect+ module workflow

Version 11.8 – 06.15.2023

- Add Debug functions for the_content() filter process
- Improve JS Performance on Front-end side
- Improve Core Coding process
- Improve functionality on particular servers with limited access on certain PHP functions
- Improve Security in Admin Dashboard forms
- Improve "Cancellation Pending" status for recurring Subscriptions
- Fix Invitation Codes counting algorithm

Version 11.7 – 05.24.2023

- Improve Braintree payment integration
- Improve payment integration
- Improve Login form functionality and performance
- Fix Stripe Checkout automatic payments confirmation for old subscriptions

Version 11.6 – 05.04.2023

- Improve Drip Content Notification
- Improve Register From JS beside the Profile form
- Improve WooCommerce Products Discount based on categories
- Improve Code performance
- Fix Members list Filter options
- Remove old Stripe integration

Version 11.5 – 04.13.2023

- Fix Register form workflow related to required fields
- Fix reCaptcha requirements when is not fully set up
- Fix Register Redirect+ module for custom pages
- Improve Stripe Connect payment service workflow
- Improve Braintree payment service workflow when is the default payment
- Improve Inside Locker shortcode for removed templates
- Improve code performance on Core files
- Improve the Avatar options to remove uploaded images
- Improve Membership trial options setup
- Improve Twitter Social login process
- Remove Online fonts from Template 9

Version 11.4 – 02.23.2023

- Improve Register form workflow
- Improve Profile form special required fields
- Improve Stripe Connect workflow
- Fix Print Invoice option for custom Orders table
- Fix Date Picker field when is required
- Update Translation files
- Set Checkout section to show up
- Remove old payment section
- Remove Deprecated Custom Special fields from Register Form

Version 11.3 – 02.15.2023

- Improve Profile Form workflow
- Improve Register Form core Classes
- Fix Invoice data display
- Fix manually change Orders status to Completed
- Fix shortcode for Member Banner display
- Fix Profile Form - Conditional logic option

Version 11.2 – 01.10.2023

- Fix Profile Form JS workflow
- Fix editing the UMP Default Pages with Elementor page builder
- Improve Taxes display inside Invoice details 
- Improve WordPress Automatic Updates process

Version 11.1 – 12.23.2022

- Improve dynamic data and dynamic links process 
- Fix Mollie Recurring payments
- Remove deprecated metas

Version 11.0 – 12.17.2022

- Improve Profile Form 
- Improve the CSS structure for Subscriptions Table showcase
- Improve "Restrict Access over the entire Website" option
- Fix Stripe Connect payment service with specific price decimals
- Fix specific constants replacing process
- Fix Bulk Coupons generation process

Version 10.11 – 11.08.2022

- Add option to clean the Notifications Logs
- Add extra message in Checkout page for Bank Transfer payment service
- Add Integration with RazorPay Gateway external Addon
- Add Integration with PayFast Gateway external Addon 
- Add Integration with Paystack Gateway external Addon 
- Improve Plugin core classes
- Upgrade Mollie Library
- Compatibility with WordPress 6.1
- Fix currency on Total Spend column
- Fix License process on WP Multisite environment
- Fix Payment selection on FireFox

Version 10.10 – 09.26.2022

- Add Stripe Checkout the new API 2022-08-01 integration
- Add a custom label for the Register form when payments are triggered
- Improve Register form showcase for required fields
- Improve how Memberships are listed on Admin Dashboard
- Improve Login Modal error messages
- Improve Register Modal workflow with upload file fields
- Improve Access Rules workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard responsive display on low resolution
- Improve Expire time for the same Subscription assignation
- Fix Email Notification to cancel action
- Fix Export to CSV process for big amount of data
- Fix Taxes on Register form based on specific States
- Fix LinkedIn Social Login integration
- Fix links to the live environment
- Remove Google Fonts

Version 10.9 – 07.06.2022

- Improve WP Workflow Restriction module workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard functionality and style
- Improve the Upload files process
- Improve Restrict Physical File workflow
- Fix compatibility with Security Plugins
- Fix the Restriction process with external AddOns
- Fix SweetAlert library compatibility with some WP Themes
- Fix Custom Tabs for Account page removing process

Version 10.8 – 06.10.2022

- Add integration with Manager role Addon
- Add integration with Pay Per Post Addon
- Add Coupons setup for multiple Memberships
- Add link for website and uploaded files into Members Directory
- Improve WP Workflow Restrictions process
- Improve Double E-mail Verification process - avoid multiple attempts
- Improve integation with Elemento Widget Locker Addon
- Improve compatibility with Twenty Twenty Two Theme
- Fix Memberships Order setup
- Fix Login Modal

Version 10.7 – 05.04.2022

- Add option to pre-check Optin signup checkbox
- Improve Dynamic Price for free Memberships on Checkout step
- Improve Coupons management on some languages
- Improve how Templates may be loaded from Theme folder
- Improve Stripe Connect on Firefox browser
- Improve Cancel option for Bank Transfer payment
- Fix ReSend Email Verification Notifications
- Fix Optin workflow based on conditional field into Register form
- Fix Checkout settings management after major update

Version 10.6 – 03.18.2022

- Add editable label for Register submit button
- Add custom labels for each Membership into Subscription Plan showcase
- Add Resend Verification Link for Double Email Verification process
- Improve Stripe Connect on Register step
- Improve Prorating Subscriptions module
- Improve Purchase button into Checkout Page
- Improve Subscriptions expire time for short months
- Improve Renew button from Subscriptions table
- Improve JS workflow on front-end side
- Improve Password required conditions on Register step
- Improve My Account - Top Header section management
- Improve UMP Dashboard structure
- Improve Plugin Update process on WordPress Dashboard
- Improve Authorize.Net payment fields on Register and Checkout Page
- Fix Stripe Connect months time management
- Fix Subscription Plan shortcode parameters
- Fix Payments vs Memberships module on Checkout Page
- Fix Weekly Reports module crons
- Fix Members Directory Filter process for Countries
- Fix Customer Login Alert Admin Notification
- Fix Discount Code messages translation option
- Fix Registration process on Firefox
- Fix Registration submit button workflow
- Fix Braintree Live mode setup
- Fix Trial Time calculation

Version 10.5 – 01.27.2022

- Add Prorating Subscriptions module
- Add User ID into Export CSV file
- Add Checkout Page option to move Payment Method section
- Improve Members Profile page
- Fix Price Decimals setup when is missing
- Fix Checkout Page workflow when Payment Method is turned off
- Fix Members editing process when no membership exist
- Fix Filter Members based on WordPress WP Roles option

Version 10.4 – 01.04.2022

- Fix jQuery Compatibility
- Fix Members Directory Slider Showcase
- Improve Stripe Connect Card Form
- Improve Plugin Dashboard display on small screen resolution.

Version 10.3.1 – 12.16.2021

- Fix Stripe Checkout OnGoing Subscriptions
- Fix Stripe Connect for older PHP versions
- Improve Compatibility with WP 5.8.2

Version 10.3 – 12.11.2021

- Add Stripe Checkout Migration process
- Add Stripe Connect - notification to customers for invalid credit cards
- Fix Checkout Page - Select Payment with RadioBox template
- Fix Stripe Checkout limited cycle Subscriptions
- Improve UMP Dashboard structure

Version 10.2 – 11.23.2021 – Important Update

- Add Stripe Connect Pro Payment Service
- Add "Change Card" option for Stripe Connect
- Add Spinner on Checkout Page
- Improve Integration with Ultimate Affiliate Pro
- Improve Checkout Page on old PHP versions
- Improve Email Notifications management
- Improve Payment Services Custom Labels
- Fix Custom Payment Labels on Checkout Page
- Fix Changing Payment Method on Checkout Page
- Fix Optin Accept Checkbox field on Register Page

Version 10.1 – 10.05.2021

- Add Checkout Page
- Add Thank you Page
- Add Test Email option for Email Notifications
- Add Purchase link shortcode
- Add "Show Password" option over Password fields
- Add "Reset Password" shortcode for Logged Users
- Improve Email Notifications default Templates
- Improve Reason for Cancel module workflow
- Improve Stripe Checkout payment for limited Subscriptions
- Improve Renew Subscription process
- Improve DB Tables encoding
- Improve generating password when Password field is turned off
- Improve Zapier Integration Module by sending out more user data
- Improve Subscription Expire time calculation
- Improve Messages Translation
- Improve Orders Table data display
- Improve Compatibility with common WP Themes, ex Divi
- Fix Registration process with Social Networks
- Fix Manually paid Membership assignation
- Fix Bank Transfer Email Notification
- Fix Notifications Logs stored in DataBase
- Fix Woo Product Discount for variable Products
- Fix Orders Code generation for repeated Orders.
- Fix Custom CSS style on Membership Cards during Printing process

Version 10.0 – 08.17.2021

- WordPress 5.8. Compatibility check
- PHP 8.0 Compatibility check
- Divi Theme Compatibility check
- Flatsome Theme Compatibility check
- Fix Import/Export process
- Fix WP Menu options for specific WP themes
- Fix MultiSite Subscription module
- Fix Optin Module for Mailchimp with additional data
- Fix Avatar photo uploaded via Mobile Devices
- Improve Social Login with Google
- Improve Country name display
- Improve adding new Members WP role selection
- Improve Bank Transfer amount calculation with discount and taxes

Version 9.9.1 – 06.19.2021

- Fix WooCommerce Product Discount module workflow

Version 9.9 – 06.16.2021

- Add extra required fields
- Improve Payment Details showcase for discounted initial payments
- Improve Stripe Checkout setup steps
- Fix Custom CSS option for Invoices
- Fix Login Popup loading instantly
- List Access Posts - remove non-restricted posts

Version 9.8 – 05.26.2021

- Fix Membership Cards warnings
- Fix SuperAdmin Role verification
- Improve Crop Image process
- Improve Gutenberg Locker option
- Improve Style

Version 9.7 – 05.14.2021

- Improve Style
- Improve Nonce for AJAX calls
- Fix Weekley Summary Email Module
- Fix Username Blacklist explode
- Fix Socal Plus tab from My Account Page
- Fix Inside Locker Preview

Version 9.6 – 04.22.2021

- Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
- Add New UMP Dashboard on Admin side
- Add New Shortcodes for My Account page predefined Tabs
- Add new Shortcode for Member Banner image
- Add Manage Plans section on UMP Dashboard for Members
- Add Extra options for Members Plans management
- Add Pause/Resume Option for one-time Memberships
- Add more details on UMP Dashboard for Members Plans
- Add OptIn box option as Checked by default
- Add Member List box option as Checked by default
- Add new Module Weekly Summary Email
- Add Profile Form Showcase on UMP Dashboard
- Improve create new Membership process with minimal required fields
- Improve Zapier Module data transfer
- Improve DataBase tables encoding
- Improve Inside Locker shortcode with minimal arguments required
- Improve Account Page settings Dashboard style
- Improve Register Lite module workflow 
- Improve Shortcodes section from UMP Dashboard
- Improve Members table from UMP Dashboard
- Improve My Account page on front-end side
- Fix Admin Member form workflow
- Fix Nonce verification on front-end side
- Fix create Orders manually process
- Fix WooCommerce Product Discount workflow
- Fix Payment service credentials verification
- Fix Cancel process for Stripe Checkouts for incomplete Subscriptions
- Update Mailchimp API to 3.0

Version 9.5.1 – 03.08.2021

- Fix Import Users&Memberships module
- Fix Amount format inside email Notifications
- Fix Amount format on Toal Spend column
- Fix Register process for required fields
- Fix Inside Locker Preview box
- Fix Edit Profile form on UMP Dashboard
- Fix Taxes managements
- Fix display Taxes on Invoices 
- Improve DataBase Tables format
- Improve calls via WP Dashboard
- Improve delete Memberships process
- Improve Subscription plan showcase display
- Improve Bank Transfer Message
- Improve UMP Dashboard counts

Version 9.5 – 02.19.2021 – Massive Update

- Improve Bank Transfer payment workflow
- Improve Crons processes
- Improve Subscriptions structure
- Improve Users profile management on Admin Dashboard
- Improve Notifications management
- Improve Registration process
- Improve Invoices for Orders
- Improve Memberships table display
- Improve UMP Dashboard display on Mobile devices
- Improve Orders table on Administrator Dashboard
- Improve 2checkout Payment workflow
- Improve Homepage restrictions 
- Improve content Restriction workflow
- Fix WordPress Workflow Restrictions module
- Fix Lock Rules - Categories with Except setup
- Fix List Access Posts showcase workflow
- Fix Memberships & Payments module
- Fix Suspend Account button process
- Fix Braintree simple payments notifications
- Add New Subscriptions Events
- Add Memberships Grace Period option
- Add Memberships various actions after End of Term
- Add Memberships various actions after Cancel
- Add New 11 Notificaitons
- Add Refund option inside Administrator Dashboard
- Add Taxes on Orders table
- Add extra constants 
- Add Merchant Business details
- Add Authorize Search Engines option
- Add restriction over SignUp for specific Usernames
- Add User Banner editing option
- Add Restrict entire Website
- Add Member Profile section
- Add Extra options for Orders on Administrator Dashboard
- Add Insert/Edit Orders options

Version 9.4.4 – 01.20.2021

- Fix GetResponse OptIn integration
- Fix Multiple WP Roles workflow during user's editing step
- Improve Membership Gifts module workflow
- Improve Braintree payment form verification

Version 9.4.3 – 12.22.2020

- Fix WooCommerce Discount module
- Fix LinkedIn Rediret URL format
- Fix Stripe Checkout decimals amount issue
- Improve Register Redirect+ module
- Improve Payment process for unsupported intervals

Version 9.4.2 – 12.09.2020

- Improve Stripe Checkout payment workflow
- Improve 2Checkout setup steps
- Fix Payments after paid trial period

Version 9.4.1 – 11.25.2020

- Fix Bank Transfer payment Notifications
- Improve Double Email Verification process 

Version 9.4 – 11.12.2020

- Fix Bank Transfer payment workflow
- Fix Reminder Notifications for old users
- Fix Stripe Checkout amount calculation for discounted price
- Improve Membership DataBase structure
- Adds additional options for multiple Payment services

Version 9.3 – 11.04.2020 – Important Update

- New Payment workflow for multiple payment gateways
- Improve Orders showcases on My Account page
- Improve Reminder Notifications for expired Subscription
- Improve uploaded files management for deleted users
- Fix payment for any timezone
- Fix Invoices status
- Fix ""Text Unique Value" field type workflow when an user profile is edited.
- Fix WooCommerce Products Discounts workflow for variable products
- Fix Currency display for coming Orders
- Fix Country special field in Modal register showcase
- Fix Stripe Checkout Cancel workflow
- Improve workflow with Hidden WP Login Addon
- Improve Admin Dashboard style and structure
- Improve plugin files structure
- Disable Payza payment service

Version 9.2.2 – 10.26.2020

- Improve PayPal Express Checkout payment process
- Improve Stripe Checkout payment process

Version 9.2.1 – 09.02.2020

- Compatibility with Stripe API 2020-08-27

Version 9.2 – 08.14.2020

- Compatibility with WordPress v.5.5
- Improve Cropping Avatar step
- Improve LID parameter verification during Register step
- Fix Register Form custom fields submission
- Fix Register Modal workflow with required fields

Version 9.1 – 07.30.2020

- Fix Authenticated Stored XSS issue
- Fix Bank Transfer message format
- Improve ULP integration
- Improve Update process from old versions
- Improve DataBase queries performance
- Improve WP MultiSite compatiblity
- Update Social Login setup and process

Version 9.0 – 06.23.2020

- Fix WooCommerce Product Discount module workflow
- Fix [ihc-select-level] shortcode attributes workflow
- Improve Stripe Checkout payment for limited recurring subscriptions
- Improve WP Role restriction access

Version 8.9 – 05.19.2020

- Improve Stripe Checkout Cancel process
- Improve Stripe API compatibility
- Improve JS front-end workflow
- Improve Coupon discount for Limited level type on Stripe
- Fix List Access Posts limit workflow
- Fix API Gate "get_user_posts" call workflow
- Fix Warnings during user editing process
- Fix Level Badges display on front-end
- Fix Woo Payment Integration module
- Fix Account Page top message default value
- ADD extra CSS style on front-end
- Update Languages files

Version 8.8 – 04.16.2020

- Improve system performance
- Improve Stripe Checkout payment workflow
- Improve PayPal Standard payment workflow
- Improve PayPal Express Checkout payment workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard style
- Improve UMP Dashboard user experience
- Improve Frontend Showcases
- Improve Compatiblity with WP 5.4.
- Improve Compatibility with PHP 7.4.x
- Improve Initial Setup data
- Improve extra Modules activation process
- Improve User editing workflow
- Fix Notifications content management
- Fix special characters on custom messages
- Fix Stripe amount for specific currencies
- Fix cuomst attributes into Register page URL
- ADD Compatiblity with LocoTranslate plugin
- ADD Environment verification process
- ADD Default Country value option
- ADD Extra details on Users table

Version 8.7.2 – 02.27.2020

- Improve Envato API integration

Version 8.7 – 02.21.2020

- Integrate Envato API
- Fix Import Users&Levels module
- Improve WP security
- Improve system performance
- Fix Elementor Widgets integration
- Fix Dashboard counts
- Improve Mollie Single Payment workflow

Version 8.6 – 01.20.2020

- Fix Mollie Payment service process
- Fix Pagseguro single payment process
- Change OptIn checkbox requirement
- Improve Modal showcases workflow
- Improve Stripe Checkout cancelling subscription
- Improve Date time stored related to TimeZone
- Improve editing reCaptcha field
- Improve custom fields eiditing process
- Improve payment process performances
- Add GetRresponse new API

Version 8.5.1 – 12.11.2019

- Improve PayPal Standard gateway workflow

Version 8.5 – 11.26.2019

- Add Extra options for Currency customization
- Improve Stripe Webhook workflow
- Improve design on Mobile devices
- Improve Bank Transfer payment workflow

Version 8.4 – 11.01.2019

- Fix Membership Gift PHP version compatibility
- Improve Export CSV file management
- Fix Users Filters limit problem
- Improve Stripe Checkout transactions list
- Improve User Experience
- Update LinkedIn social login library

Version 8.3 – 08.23.2019

- Add 3D Secure Stripe Checkout payment gateway as SCA Compliant
- Improve Stripe standard payment gateway
- Improve export CSV for filtered list of users
- Improve Account Page Custom Tab module
- Improve mass Post restrictions display
- Fix Pagseguro Trial workflow
- Fix reCaptcha for specific server setup.

Version 8.2 – 07.23.2019

- Fix PayPal Express Checkout integration
- Add Drip Content box for Gutenberg
- Improve MembersList showcase
- Improve Subscriptions tab mobile responsive
- Imporve UMP Dashboard mobile responsive

Version 8.1 – 06.24.2019

- Update PayPal Express Checkout integration
- Improve Custom Fields creation
- Improve Custom Tabs creation
- Improve Levels unique values
- Improve Orders manually added

Version 8.0 – 06.04.2019

- ADD ReCaptcha v3
- ADD Extra links for custom Tabs
- ADD Custom design for WP Login page
- Improve Users listing performance
- Fix Extra special fields labels
- Improve payment workflow

Version 7.9 – 05.17.2019

- Fix Users list table
- Fix DirectEmail sender details
- Improve custom fields workflow
- Improve Coupons insert process
- Improve Export CSV workflow
- Improve Avatar storaged images

Version 7.8 – 04.29.2019

- ADD dedicated Filter section for Users
- ADD Export users to CSV based on selected filters
- ADD Special field for OptIn confirmation
- ADD Special field for MembersList display
- Improve Modal Login workflow
- Improve Mollie payment gateway
- Improve Public Individual page workflow
- Update PayPal Standard payment gateway
- Fix MembersList Filter showcase for multi options fields

Version 7.7 – 04.05.2019

- Improve DirectEmail workflow
- Improve Stripe popup data
- Fix loading CSS and JS files into Admin section
- Fix MultiSelect field workflow
- Compatibility with latest PHP versions
- Fix Cancelling reason module workflow
- Improve Invoice showcase
- Improve PagSeguro recurring workflow
- Improve Notifications workflow.

Version 7.6 – 03.05.2019

- Add Import Users&Levels reports
- Add Woo Discount Product value with decimal step
- Improve MembersList Filter design
- Improve Membership Badge settings on UMP Dashboard
- Improve extra custom templates for Public Individual Page
- Improve PHP versions compatibility
- Improve WPML compatibility
- Improve Stripe Coupons restrictions
- Improve Stripe WebHook workflow
- Improve payment gateway
- Improve Webhook workflow
- Improve Mollie payment workflow.
- Improve Uploading process and vulnerability avoided
- Manage Envato WP Requirements.
- Fix DirectEmail button workflow
- Fix "No payment gateway" warning 
- Fix Public Individual Page fields order
- Fix Authozire gateway Notifications workflow

Version 7.5

- ADD Gutenberg Integration
- Optimize the mobile style
- Improve the Upload Avatar workflow
- Improve system performances
- Update Envato API integration

Version 7.4

- ADD WPML Integration
- ADD Elementor Integration
- Improve Stripe workflow on Account Page
- Improve Stripe Coupon workflow
- Improve Avatar Image upload process with Crop option
- Fix Cancel Subscription workflow

Version 7.3

- ADD Mollie Payment Gateway
- ADD PayPal Express Payment Gateway
- ADD Pagseguro Payment Gateway
- ADD "Zapier" Magic Module
- ADD "InfusionSoft" Magic Module
- ADD "Kissmetrics" Magic Module
- ADD "Direct Login" Magic Module
- ADD "Reason for Cancelling" Magic Module
- ADD Login Modal Popup showcase
- ADD Register Modal Popup showcase
- ADD Shortcode attribute for having single Level box
- Improve Stripe payment gateway workflow
- Improve WP Workflow Restriction module
- Improve Woo payment integration
- Improve Custom fields workflow
- Improve DirectEmail feature
- Improve Levels ordering process
- Fix editing special custom fields
- Fix RegisterListe showcase display
- Fix Import Users&Levels process
- Fix Deleting users action
- Fix JS Password Strenght errors
- Fix State field inside the Profile form

Version 7.2

- Fix Banner upload on Account Page option
- Fix Manually Transactions added
- Fix Register form warnings
- ADD Black Email List for Register step
- ADD DirectEmail options on member table
- Improve text translations
- ADD Restrict ULP Courses and Curriculum together
- ADD Extra templates on wp Theme folder option
- ADD WP Profile image replaced by UMP Avatar image

Version 7.1

- ADD Banner upload on Account Page option
- Improve Stripe trial payments
- Improve Stripe Coupons payments
- Improve PayPal trial payments
- Update the default language file
- Improve workflow with Ultimate Learning Pro

Version 7.0

- GDPR Compliant
- Improve recurring Authorize workflow
- Improve Reset Password workflow
- Fix Invoice price show
- TOS error style improvement
- TOS Label display
- Improve Payment details to show trial price
- Improve Stripe coupon workflow.

Version 6.9

- Improve text translations
- Improve front-end style and CSS structure
- Fix Admin notifications
- Fix Coupon workflow for recurring levels
- Fix Trial option for Bank Transfer payments
- Update Payza payment gateway

Version 6.8

- Improve {constants} date format
- Change Authorize payment workflow
- Fix Renew link for authorize payments
- Fix Single Level Link - Braintree payment
- Improve Storing Coupons process
- Improve overall Stripe payment workflow
- New Subscription table design and functions improvements
- Add 3 new Login Templates
- Add 1 new Register Template
- Add 3 new Account Page Templates

Version 6.7

- Update Stripe API workflow based on the last requires
- Fix Notifications HTML content submission
- Fix Default WP Role for Pending approve action
- Improve Save Coupon functions
- Improve Pending member login process

Version 6.6

- Update the Product Verification process.
- Fix missing ID warnings over Register form fields

Version 6.5

- Important Security Release
- "Pending" restriction over any WP Login forms
- MultiSite environment - MemebersList results fixed
- Stripe payments for new registered users improved
- Additional System performance

Version 6.4

- Register form WP Role manageing improved
- Improve Grace Period option
- Approve User action based on WP settings
- Improve Invoice Custom content submission
- Order management improved
- Profile form submission for required fields
- WooCommerce Orders warning fixed
- Membership Card - add new field: User ID
- Export CSV including the Level start,expire time
- Account Page Menu mobile friendly
- Coupons usage display on Users Reports
- Coupons usage listed on Orders section.
- Improve Invidation Code incrementation workflow

Version 6.3

- Add New Module: Register Redirects+
- Fix MembersList - level filter workflow
- Improve Users tab listing related to WP Roles
- Add Stripe Language option and labels
- Add PayPal Language option
- Fix Users Tab Search action

Version 6.2

- Fix MembersList Filter order
- Improve MembersList module workflow
- Improve compatibility with any WP Theme
- Improve Workflow Restriction
- Fix List Access Post module workflow for drip content
- Add Filter search based on username
- Improve Payza webhook workflow
- Fix WooCommerce Account Page UMP Tab
- Fix Stripe payment with 100% Coupon
- Improve Notifications workflow for expired Levels
- Improve MembersList Search option
- Fix PayPal Refund process.
- Improve Users Search keywords

Version 6.1

- Improve Texts and default messages
- Fix Payza missing Label
- Fix Braintree missing Label
- Improve Invitation Code workflow
- Improve Account Page Orders list
- Improve queries requests
- Fix Price format
- Improve custom Currencies workflow
- Fix transactions amount during Notifications process
- Fix Date format display
- Fix Cancel subscriptions for PayPal platform
- Improve Notifications for expire reminders
- "Replace Content" workflow improvements
- Improve SQL queries calls
- Fix Levels keys issue
- Improve State field workflow
- Fix Coupon codes incrementation

Version 6.0

- Fix special empty queries
- Update to WooCommerce 3.0
- Fix MembersList isssues
- Improve MembersList Search workflow
- Improve WooCommerce Products Discount module
- Fix Custom Fields checkbox workflow
- Improve Notifications for Bank Transfer
- Improve Notifications Before/After Level expires
- Improve PayPal IPN workflow
- Fix WP Workflow Restrictions for Post Views condition
- Convert to Mailster plugin
- Improve Invidation Code workflow

Version 5.9

- Improve Stripe Webhook workflow
- Fix Filter by Level User list
- Improve List Access Posts module
- Fix MultiSelect into MembersList Filter
- Improve 2checkOut payment workflow
- Dashboard reports improvements
- New option for WP workflow restriction module
- Fix Orders pagination
- Fix Warning message in Transaction section

Version 5.8

- Compatible with new Facebook API
- Compatible with new WooCommerce 3.0
- Improve BuddyPress account page integration
- Fix Account Page Icons settings
- Improve Individual Page workflow and settings

Version 5.7

- ADD MultiSite based on Subscription module
- ADD Import Users & Levels
- Improve MembersList workflow
- Improve queries based on huge data
- Improve delete Level action
- Fix Braintree Labels translation
- Enable Conditional Logic for Profile form fields

Version 5.6

- ADD WooCommerce Products Discount
- ADD Drip Content Notifications
- Fix Redirect on Categories restriction
- Improve WP Social Login level assignment 
- Improve Account Page showcase
- Improve translation workflow
- Fix PayPal confirmation for Trial subscriptions
- Improve compatibility with Divi Builder

Version 5.5

- Improve compatibility with Page builder scripts
- Change the Transaction ID for Trial subscriptions
- Required Improve workflow Unique Field
- Fix Custom Fields constants
- Fix constant workflow Flag
- Fix Account Settings Page Custom Icons
- Improve compatibility Drip Content Slider
- Additional Workflow Improvements

Version 5.4

- ADD Import-Export module
- Fix Drip Content Slider compatibiliti
- Improve Country Field on Admin side
- Fix Braintree payment fields templates
- Improve Payment logs
- Fix API Module warnings
- Improve Replace Content workflow
- Add WP Workflow Module restrictions
- Add Download Monitor restrictions
- Improve PayPal Payment for trial
- Improve Register Form fields workflow
- Add Drip Content workflow into List Access Posts
- Fix UX Builder compatibility
- Add Links over Emails into MembersList showcase
- Fix Membership Gifts module for Trial subscriptions.

Version 5.3

- ADD MyCred Points Integration
- ADD API Module
- Add Custom Account Tabs Module
- Fix MembersList module Pending option
- Improve MembersList module
- Improve BrainTree payment workflow
- Fix Coupon negative results
- Improve Coupons for PayPal
- Improve Form Design Compatibility
- Fix Lock Rules All Pages option
- Fix Notifications listing
- Fix Admin Bar display
- Improve Trial Workflow
- Fix Drip Content for Registered condition
- Improve workflow for Conditional Logic fields
- Fix Notifications before Level expires

Version 5.2

- ADD Dynamic Subscription Price Module
- ADD Payment Logs module
- ADD User Reports Module
- ADD PushOver Notification
- Improve Stripe details
- Improve Lock Rules section
- Set to show Invoice only for Completed Orders
- Fix "Renew" option
- Improve RegisterLite workflow
- Fix Country field problem
- Fix Gravatar workflow for older WP versions
- Fix Woo Product assigment
- Fix WP Date format into Account Page
- Improve Print Invoice on Admin section
- Improve NOtification content encoding
- Update to Visual Composer 5.x

Version 5.1

- ADD Subscription Delay - Magic Feature
- ADD WP WorkFlow Restrictions - Magic Feature
- Improve MembersList Filter module
- Fix Buy again Level action
- Fix Redirect settings from Lock Rules module

Version 5.0

- ADD Suspend Account feature
- ADD Avatar syncronization with Gravatar and BuddyPress
- ADD Security module
- Fix Avatar remove process
- Improve Individual Pages module
- Improve MembersList Filter
- Improve Inside Page Predefined Templates
- Improve Inside Page Custom Fields
- Fix "Final Price" display for free Levels

Version 4.9

- Improve paginations into Account Page
- Improve edit Profile into Account Page
- Fix Coupon Field required message
- Add MembersList Filter section
- ADD WOOCOMMERCE Payment integration
- Improve Dashboard notifications
- Fix Individual Pages workflow
- ADD Public Individual Page Templates
- Improve Design

Version 4.8

- Fix Print Invoice into UMP Dashboard
- Improve Payment Details section
- Improve Install Setup module
- Fix workflow for special MySQL versions
- Improve Coupon workflow
- Add Invoice text translations
- Improve Account Page Subscription actions

Version 4.7

- Improve Payments from Account Page
- Imrove WP MultiSite integration
- Fix special content into Individual Pages
- Fix Links with www.

Version 4.6

- Improve Stripe Payment on Mobile devices
- Improve Taxes Display
- Improve Payment gateways workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard design
- Fix Error on Register Lite workflow
- Fix Cancel Subscription on PayPal gateway
- Fix Subscription Plan Page simple Payment

Version 4.5

- ADD Invoice Module
- ADD List Access Post Module
- Fix Content Links
- Fix Banner Image setting
- ADD Unlink Social Account
- ADD ActiveCampaing List
- Improve Register Theme 6 design
- Improve ShortLinks for Payment IPNs
- Improve Country/State Fields
- Improve Register Lite module
- Improve Authorize.Net payment gateway
- Show "Admin Bar" for Users with access on WP Dashboard
- ADD Filters&Hooks
- Improve MembersList - Inside Page option
- Improve Performance&Workflow

Version 4.4

- Improve Templates design
- Improve Add New Taxes
- ADD Membership Card tab into Account Page
- ADD Membership Card Shortcode attributes
- Improve Dashboard workflow

Version 4.3

- ADD 6 Register Templates
- ADD 3 Login Templates
- ADD 3 Subscription Templates
- ADD Short IPN Links
- Improve Membership Cards
- ADD Coupon validation
- ADD Membership Card Level filter
- ADD Register Lite - Custom Redirect
- ADD State on Taxes
- Improve Bank Transfer workflow
- ADD Content on Login Social buttons
- Fix TOS workflow
- ADD Login Shortcode attributes
- ADD Register Shortcode attributes
- ADD Subscription Shortcode attributes

Version 4.2

- ADD Register Lite
- ADD Currency Symbols
- ADD Currency Position
- ADD LevelPlus restriction
- ADD Specific Payment based on Level
- ADD Membership Gift Codes
- ADD ActiveCapaign OptIn option
- ADD Custom Login Redirect based on Levels
- ADD New Notifications
- ADD Search by Custom Fields
- ADD Integration with WordPress Social Login
- Improve Big Prices management
- Fix Multi Admin email addresses
- Improve Invitation Code
- Improve WooCommerce My Account integration

Version 4.1

- ADD Membership Card Module
- ADD Invitation Code Module
- ADD "Cheat Off" Module
- ADD "Download Monitor" integartion module
- ADD All Post Lock Rules
- ADD All Categories Lock Rules
- ADD Filer Lock Rules
- Change URL BLock module
- Improve Account Page top Section
- Improve Subscription tab workflow
- Improve Setup module
- Improve Visitor Inside Page permalink workflow

Version 4.0.1

- FIX Account Page - Subscription tab for particular servers
- Improve URL Block workflow

Version 4.0

- ADD Magic Features section
- ADD reCaptcha on Login Form
- ADD Orders module
- ADD Manually add Transactions (especially for Bank Transfer)
- ADD Search on Members List
- ADD "Exclude Pending Users" on Members List
- ADD Pagination Options on Members List
- ADD new Custom Field - Unique Value
- ADD Taxes Module
- ADD Predefined settings on Install
- ADD Multiple Email Address for Admin Notifications
- ADD {current_date} constant
- ADD Integrate UMP into Woo Account Page module
- ADD Integrate UMP into BuddyPress Account Page module
- ADD Redirect for Reset Password workflow
- ADD Notification Counts into WP Dashboard
- ADD Shortcuts Menu into WP Dashboard
- ADD Account Page Top Section
- ADD 3 new Templates for Account Page Top Section
- ADD Account Page new Template for Content Section
- ADD Account Page Footer section
- ADD Additional tab into Account Page
- ADD Country special Custom Field
- ADD {flag} constant
- Improve Bank Transfer Message
- Improve Stripe Transactions
- Improve Members List module
- Improve gateway
- Improve Users tab
- Improve UMP Dashboard
- Improve Coupons module
- Improve Uninstall workflow
- Improve Notifications workflow
- Improve Bank Transfer workflow
- Fix FaceBook Link
- Fix reCaptcha filter by Level
- Fix Login Message

Version 3.7.2

- Improve Notifications workflow on new Registered Users
- Improve Redirects conditions

Version 3.7.1

- Fix Dashboard Workflow errors

Version 3.7

- Improve Users Filter workflow
- Improve Double Email Verification deleting users workflow
- Improve Single Level Link shortcode
- Improve Renew already expired Level
- Fix Delete Avatar from Register Form

Version 3.6

- Integrated with Ultimate Affiliate Pro v.1.7
- Improve Authorize Payment form
- Fix Reset Password form translation
- Fix Filter Users by Username
- ADD Custom Fields Values Order feature 

Version 3.5

- Integrated with Ultimate Affiliate Pro Coupons tracking
- Fix Coupons repeat time
- Fix Stripe Trial period
- Improve Login CSS

Version 3.4

- ADD New Notifications
- Fix Stripe Cancel/Delete Subscriptions
- ADD Authorize error warning message
- Fix Avada Page Builder compatibility
- Fix Referral via PayPal for Affiliate system
- ADD Check Email Server button
- ADD Image Avatar shortcode

Version 3.3

- ADD direct integration into Ultimate Affiliate Pro on Dashboard and Account Page
- Fix "Members List" shortcode Generator
- Fix Custom Fields Filter by Levels on Account Page

Version 3.2

- Improve Website Loding on listed Posts
- Fix Access module on Dashboard side
- Fix Export Users on CSV
- Improve Dashboard Design
- Change "Lost Password" module
- Ready for "Ultimate Affiliate Pro" system 

Version 3.1

- Fix Slider Carousel conflict
- Improve predefined Texts
- Fix Stripe Cancel/Delete aciton
- Improve WP Redirects
- Improve UMP Dashboard
- Improve 2CheckOut Level name
- Fix Coupons on Bank Transfer
- Fix DatePicker Required field
- Improve Subscription Plan Template 4
- Fix Delete Users action
- Improve Levels settings
- Add Delete Level confirmation
- Improve Delete Level action
- Restrict Custom Field slug
- Restrict Custom Field slug unique value
- Restrict Coupons Code value
- Restrict Level slug 
- Fix Stripe payment with Required Fields
- Check cURL status
- Fix Level Reorders
- Avoid special Warning
- Improve PayPal cancel recurrings
- Improve Coupons verification security
- Improve Cookies workflow
- Fix Register vulnerability
- Improve Level Link workflow
- Add Italian Translation

Version 3.0

- ADD Members List module
- ADD Members List 10 predefined Showcase Templates
- ADD Coupons - AutoGenetate multiple coupons
- ADD Notifications - Admin custom notifications
- ADD Notifications - Bank Transfer Payment
- ADD Shortcode - Users Display
- ADD WP Roles - Custom Dashboard Access
- Improve Dahsboard Workflow
- Improve Dashboard Transactions
- Improve Account Page Transactions
- Improve Stripe payments
- Improve PayPal recurring payments
- Fix Level slugs
- Fix Aweber Authentification
- Fix delete Levels users

Version 2.6

- ADD Register Form - CONDITIONAL LOGIC fields
- ADD Register Form - Plain Text row
- ADD Register Form - Required Verification Code
- Improve Text Descriptions
- Fix URL Blocks Levels display
- Improve particular cases
- Improve Register Form workflow

Version 2.5.1

- Improve Level-Date Range workflow
- Fix Subscription Plan - Template preview
- Fix No Custom Currencies warning message

Version 2.5

- ADD MultiPayment option
- ADD Custom Currencies
- Improve special characters into payment details

Version 2.4.3

- Improve reCaptca message
- Improve Edit Users
- Improve Display Users
- Fix requirements into Account Page
- Improve Upload Avatar button

Version 2.4.2

- Fix Approve notifications
- Improve reCaptcha workflow

Version 2.4.1

- FIX - Register Form -  reCaptcha not set by default

Version 2.4

- ADD Drip Content Module
- ADD New Notifications
- ADD Custom Fields - Level targeting
- Improve PayPal Payments
- ADD AJAX Fields verification
- ADD tags on Page List
- Improve Bank Transfer Payment
- ADD Login Error messages
- Improve Register Error Message
- Improve UMP Dashboard workflow
- ADD Turkish Translation (thanks to Sirac)

Version 2.3

- Fix Stripe recurring Payments
- Improve Payment Transactions
- Improve Dashboard workflow
- Fix Notifications html templates

Version 2.2

- ADD Double Email Verification
- ADD Auto Logged after Register
- Improve Subscriptions into Account Page
- Improve Level Link Shortcode
- Improve Account Page Responsive
- ADD New Notifications
- ADD New Constants
- ADD Default Notifications Templates
- Improve Coupon - no payments for 100% discount
- Improve PayPal Cancel Recurring

Version 2.1

- Improve FrontEnd scripts
- Improve Redirects
- Improve Fonts requests
- Improve Account Page

Version 2.0

- Add Social Login module
- Add Coupon gifts module
- Add Custom Redirect Links
- Add Level details into Register Page
- Improve Dashboard Workflow
- Improve Payment module

Version 1.9

- Improve Stripe Payments
- Fix User Export CSV
- Improve Account Page
- Fix Add SubLabels

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