The Best WordPress Membership Themes to Use for Your Site

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Resources

A membership website can do many things. It gives users the possibility to access exclusive content and follow online courses. Furthermore, it lets them buy limited services, or simply be part of a private community. 

Membership sites offer an array of services against a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Some of them even work with multiple tires, tying their subscription plans to a specific content section. 

The best WordPress membership themes

Does a membership website sound promising for your business? it is time to learn from the best, so check the top five membership WordPress themes. You can turn all WordPress themes into membership websites, as long as you have the right plugin to do it. A dedicated membership site, however, has some serious advantages. 

Keep reading to discover which are the best WordPress membership themes. We’ve hand-picked them based on their success and customer satisfaction rates. Meantime, we paid special attention to those that are flexible and let you build the perfect membership websites.


Kickcube is unique because of the login process. Next to the usual login on the site, there is social login as well. This means that all users already registered on a social network won’t have to go through the process again. This is something a modern membership site can’t go without.

All best WordPress membership themes offer this functionality. The goal is to help you turn more random visitors into registered members. If you are not a savvy page designer, don’t worry: there are six demo themes to help you build a membership site within minutes. 

Kickcube is also a solid option when it comes to flexibility. The page layout of your membership site will remind you of premium designs, such as Pinterest. You can create front-end articles on your own, and you don’t need the ‘heavy machinery’ such as BuddyPress or similar tools.


Aardvark is in many ways the definition of a professional membership site. We are huge fans of their versatile blogging system. It allows community configuration and plans distinguishment. 

You can tweak it in any way you need it. Some users, for instance, create an eLearning space or even a shop for their paid users. the same as with Kickcube, there is no need to adjust the settings or apply advanced coding skills. Prepare the content, and you will be good to go. 

These WordPress membership themes are magazine-styled. It means that you can restrict access to each page based on the selected plan. 

You can even enable rankings and reviews from users, and make your membership site even more popular. 


If you are looking for the truly best WordPress membership themes, check Seeko. It is fully dedicated to social and dating websites, and it is the perfect place to build an online community. 

You can create any website you want, but keep in mind that you will need some web design skills. Importing existing demos is not possible, and you need to start from scratch. 

Seeko’s distinctive advantage is its integration with BuddyPress and Paid Membership Pro. Both tools can help you create an exclusive community. 

Another integration to appreciate is Elementor Page Builder. Thanks to it, you can customize the design of the pages without coding experience. 

As expected, you can also limit content based on the selected subscription plans. You can also offer special conditions to users who’ve joined your community. 

Create an amazing membership website with the best plugin available

Ultimate Membership Pro is an all-in-one membership solution with endless membership features to manage member subscriptions.

Ultimate Membership Pro

Everything you need from a membership solution:

  • Restrict access to everything
  • Easy to set up membership plugin
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Run recurring payments with subscriptions
  • Offer discount codes
  • Members management
  • Affiliate program
  • Email notifications

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Real is a WordPress membership theme designed by masters Theme Forest. It has only one purpose: to bring all necessary features for a great membership site under one roof. If you are looking to build something unique, look no further.

For starters, there are over 20 modules for building pages. They all employ a drag-and-drop functionality and let you modify content the way you want it. 

Next to your regular posts, you can add images, videos, or even entire galleries. Some of the content can be limited to paid users only. At the same time, newsletter subscribers can receive more benefits and tangible bonuses.

You can install Real on any WordPress site you are using, and make full use of its multiple benefits.


If you plan to build an LMS membership site, LaunchPad is the tool you need. The theme uses LifterLMS to enable the creation and selling of online courses. 

Consider this theme if you offer business courses, language courses, marketing seminars, or any other type of training. The theme is often used by health and wellness users, as it is very customizable.

There is also a premium membership website theme that further improves the layout and aesthetical aspects of your site. They pay serious attention to colors, images, and typography. 


Service Review’s Gazek is among the most modern membership website themes on our list. You can use it to promote any product or service. Compared to similar tools, Gazek offers premium features at a fraction of the usual price. 

There is plenty to appreciate about Gazek. It has a clean design and excellent capabilities for non-experienced designers and users. It is friendly but refined at the same time, and it never fails to attract attention. 

Those among you who use WP theme customizer will have even more control over the looks of their membership site. There will be practically nothing they can’t do. 

We recommend Gazek also to beginners, as it is really easy to set up a membership system and earn from it. The theme makes this easy by involving subscribers in the lead-creation process and asking them to review your content. 


Gwangi is ThemeForest’s all-in-one solution for membership sites of all sizes. It is very powerful in the aspect of building communities and maintaining relationships, and it works with all social media. You can count on ongoing support for your membership website, even after you’ve built your pages.

Compared to similar tools, Gwangi will keep up the good work as your community grows. It continues doing so, even if that means having the same number of users as the entire Yelp directory. 

It is customizable and can be used for anything from a dating site to a professional learning platform. 

Gwangi also brings the users’ experience to the next level. Each member can create his profile and interact with other members based on interests and geolocation. Content can be divided to free and paid, thanks to the excellent commerce integrations.

Last but not least, Gwangi enables you to organize and promote events.


Woffice is a more professional theme that caters to large membership-based institutions. It is by far your best shot for giving customers a personalized membership experience. For instance, it enables a flexible dashboard where they can manage content and create their directories.

Woffice integrates with Paid Membership Pro and BuddyPress, which make all of this possible. Thanks to them, you can even set up online forums and lead discussions.

What could be a potential downside is that there are no public demos available. You are expected to build up your pages from beginning to end before you publish them. Support is available, nevertheless. 

Experienced web designers, on the other hand, think of this as an advantage. They make use of the multiple shortcodes and advanced AJAX filtering to sort content out and build the perfect membership site. 

Their know-how around the theme enables them to create whole intranet spaces and wikis. And yet, all of this is accomplished with a single membership plugin.

Contact the designers for a custom demo tailored to your organization. You will be surprised by how friendly this WordPress membership theme is.


Aztec is a WordPress membership theme designed for audio and video streaming. The theme is flexible and works with a Drag & Drop page builder. If you get stuck along the way, support is provided at all stages. 

There are also some great integrations:

Video Player

eCommerce – lets you accept and process payments directly on the membership website

Boosted Elements Add-on for the easy creation of maps, sliders, pop-ups, and more i

Demo Content Importer – you can import premade demos and get the website up and running within minutes

Restricted content – you decide which pages will be visible to your subscribers, based on their plan

Pay Per Post Ability – This feature lets you optimize earnings. You can sell individual posts without the user necessarily subscribing to them.


Vayvo will be perfect for those operating in the media streaming niche. The premium WordPress membership theme offers plenty of great features that can be useful for a membership site:

-Membership trials for users are offered for free

-Advanced membership plans

-Premium restrictions for built-in content

-Premium sliders for all WordPress themes

-A rating system for each video on the membership sites

-Full support provided on any language premium

As expected, this WordPress membership theme uses a drag-and-drop builder to create and customize the content. It lets you create membership sites that work with your brand.

 All Vayvo customers will get round-the-clock support during the first 6 months. They are also provided with excellent demos for the membership WordPress theme. 


Let us also suggest an advanced LMS for corporate learning that caters to any business. Be it that you are running a small, medium, or large group business, CorpTrain will optimize your employees’ learning experience. 

This WordPress membership theme revolutionized corporate training. It brought together the best features of the leading eLearning plugins. You won’t need additional tools for your membership sites, as the WordPress theme also integrates with Woo Commerce. it also supports multiple payment processors and membership plugins.

The interface is friendly and easy to navigate, and there is no aspect you can’t customize. Prepare content the way you want it, and categorize and format courses based on your audience’s needs. 

Affiliate marketing and cross-selling are also possible. This WordPress membership site will also support ads and integrate with social media. 

Building a community and organizing forums is also an option. The WordPress theme keeps users connected with custom messaging and public posting. 

Members also can personalize the membership site with individual profiles.

As if this was not enough, this WordPress theme is a master of versatile content. You can create video content, organize quizzes, make real-time comments, and issue certificates. Your customers remain engaged thanks to an email notification system and a newsletter.

True, there are many WordPress themes out there, but none retains visitors the way CorpTrain does.


We could speak for hours about Kallyas, but let’s save efforts on both ends and direct you to their demo live preview. 

It doesn’t matter which type of WordPress membership site you are after – this membership site theme can make it happen!

Why not choose a free WordPress theme instead? Kallyas is not just about sharing content with interested subscribers. It helps you drive interest towards your membership site, and adds value to your business. The WordPress theme enhances your online presence and inspires people to trust you. 

Kallyas is probably the best WordPress membership theme for page builder support. Users get access to features such as animated statistics and parallax effect, which is not the case with free WordPress themes. If you want to acquire new subscribers, don’t forget to use their testimonial slider and the custom page templates. 


Beehive will seem familiar right away, and for a good reason. The WordPress membership theme has been heavily used for social networks. Yet, it does a great job bringing people together around any common interest they share.

If you plan to launch subscription tiers and only then prepare content for the membership platform, you’ve got your winner. The Paid Membership Pro plugin can be added to your membership WordPress theme at any point in time. The same goes for any helpful WordPress membership plugin.

The WordPress theme offers other engagement features, such as forums and news feeds. The Elementor page builder is there to let you customize the experience by dragging and dropping items. 

Beehive follows the example of all the best WordPress membership themes. It integrates with BuddyPress and multiple eCommerce providers. 


Finding the perfect WordPress membership theme is not an easy task, but also not an impossible one. Hopefully, this article helped you pick the best WordPress membership theme for your needs. 

A membership WordPress theme makes efficient use of resources you already have. It exploits the revenue potential of existing visitors. 

The more optimized and friendly the membership sites are, the easier it will get to bring new audiences on board. Just make sure you choose membership WordPress themes that work with your brand, and half of the job will be done. 

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