How to Use a WordPress Membership Plugin to Earn Money in Just 5 Steps

by | Sep 27, 2022 | How To

Membership sites can, indeed, be very profitable. 

And there are various reasons for creating a membership site and many ways of promoting it. 

Firstly, you’ll need to understand your ideal clients and where to find them. After that, you’ll have to build a strategy for drawing them to your membership website.

This article will explain how a WordPress membership plugin can help your business bloom from the comfort of your home.

Why you need a WordPress membership plugin

One of the most efficient methods to make money online is by building a membership site by employing a WordPress membership plugin.

And here’s why:

A WordPress membership plugin helps generate a steady income

How to Use a WordPress Membership Plugin to Earn Money in Just 5 Steps WordPress Membership Plugin | Membership Software | Ultimate Membership Pro

You may create a steady flow of recurring money by charging website users to access your membership site. You are compensated as new members are added or as current members renew their membership.

Moreover, you can also design several membership levels and assign different amounts of content to each level. To guarantee income, you can also offer premium memberships for a monthly, annual, or custom duration

A WordPress membership plugin can deliver more value

All small business owners try to make their email marketing techniques better. And expanding your email list is the first step toward doing that. 

Your email list will remain active and full of people more likely to respond to and convert from your email campaigns if you continue adding registered users to it.

Build a bigger email List with a WordPress membership plugin 

Making a membership website has the advantage that the premium content you restrict access to is evergreen, meaning it will always be valuable to users. 

Additionally, it is all conveniently gathered in one place for everyone to view. You may quickly build on that content to give your users even more value and keep them paying you for access.

How to make money using a WordPress membership plugin

Despite the growing craze for membership sites, many creators and brands are still skeptical about this business model.

But in a market that is constantly changing, smart businesses can actually only survive with subscription payment structures

That being said, let’s take a look at how you can use a WordPress membership plugin to make money from the content you provide.

#1 Create fresh content regularly for your membership site

Keeping your content fresh is one of the major challenges of running a membership site. 

Understanding the member journey makes it easier to determine what is most crucial, what works, and what is expected. 

With this perspective in mind, you can build a well-informed strategy that helps you manage your content in an organized manner. Having a solid plan in place can make a huge difference.

How to Use a WordPress Membership Plugin to Earn Money in Just 5 Steps WordPress Membership Plugin | Membership Software | Ultimate Membership Pro

To keep your members interested in what you have to offer,

you may leverage different content formats such as video tutorials, interviews, product reviews, webinars, infographics, or other visual guides.

#2 Keep your membership site’s interface user-friendly

You may prevent confused and irate users by adopting consistency to build a logical structure and to specify where users can find what.

Cohesive user interfaces facilitate communication. Icons and menus are typically self-explanatory.

The majority of end users find it simpler to understand graphical user elements such as membership plugins because they don’t have to memorize or input complicated commands. 

Therefore, it is best you use visual consistency to organize content, make it navigable, or draw attention to key sections.

#3 Build your community using a WordPress membership plugin 

Whether or not you plan the community aspect, using a WordPress membership plugin will help grow a community due to the benefit of similar interests. 

But this doesn’t mean you have to stop putting effort into building one. Making your clients enthusiastic supporters of your brand is crucial to your membership site‘s success.

Connecting with people and developing relationships online may increase your reputation, trust, and customer loyalty.

How to Use a WordPress Membership Plugin to Earn Money in Just 5 Steps WordPress Membership Plugin | Membership Software | Ultimate Membership Pro

Creating a community subscription website can also aid in creating a sense of exclusivity and belonging. Members can offer comments and access helpful information that might help them get more use out of your goods and services.

However, remember that only if the membership site offers something unique will people join and continue to be members. 

For instance, it may be access to exceptional discounts, intriguing and practical written content, or particular and exclusive goods and services.

#4 Promote affiliate services & earn commissions through WordPress membership plugins

A membership site can advertise affiliate services and plans to generate commission. 

It is best if you only affiliate goods and services that can benefit your readers and are relevant to your niche

Moreover, affiliate banners shouldn’t be present over the entire website but should be placed carefully—not negatively impacting the user experience. 

Remember that many countries require by law that your website provides notice regarding marketing affiliate deals or links.

#5 Offer something for free through your WordPress membership plugin

There is nothing free in this world, as the saying goes. 

Yet we’re accustomed to receiving things for nothing. Since everything is now so easily accessible thanks to the internet, free has become the new standard. 

How to Use a WordPress Membership Plugin to Earn Money in Just 5 Steps WordPress Membership Plugin | Membership Software | Ultimate Membership Pro

And if you work in the SaaS industry, you probably already know that brands typically use a freemium conversion funnel and provide their clients with free trials or calls.

Having said that, it’s crucial to optimize your trial so that more trial users turn into paying customers. 

Moreover, you can also offer discounts.

WordPress membership plugins can give you complete control over any money-off coupons you create. 

This allows you to choose their usage restrictions, expiration dates, which membership levels or products they apply to, and whether they lower the price by a set amount or a percentage.

Final thoughts on earning money with a WordPress membership plugin 

Some years ago, there was no other way of learning a new skill without the expense and time commitment of taking local classes. 

There were only books and the internet. 

Although books are still excellent, they quickly get out of date, are expensive to produce, and lack video tutorials. 

Nowadays, it only takes a few minutes to post book-like information online. 

And if you’re good enough at what you do, you can even create a membership site where you teach a certain subject and use a WordPress membership plugin to generate a recurring monthly income.

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